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Although Ecuador is still unknown to many, it has become a sought-after destination by more and more people; it is a land of incredible wealth increasingly discovered by travelers from around the world. The warm and friendly people of Ecuador welcome visitors from all countries and help provide the travel experience of a lifetime.

Yes! This is Ecuador, the second smallest country in South America but with everything that this continent offers you: scenic splendor... mountains and snow... beautiful beaches... exotic rain forest... historical sites... luxury accommodations... friendly people…adventure and much much more.


Ecuador is located on the northwestern coast of South America, between Colombia and Peru. It extends over 276,670 square kilometers (104,506 square miles) and is divided into four natural regions: the Sierra (mountain region); the Coast; the Oriente (Amazon region) and the Insular Region called "The Enchanted Islands" or Galapagos Islands. This marvelous country is located on the Equatorial Line, from which its name originates.


Formed by different ethnics, Ecuador is a country characterized by the harmony, democratic life and pluralism. When visiting us, you will learn about the local culture and people who turn hospitality into one of the greatest gifts. Come and enjoy this human warmth! In Ecuador natural attractions but also its people will move you.


Ecuador's geographic conditions, physical location and marine currents provide a great variety of climates and remarkable contrasts. Tropical climate is found in certain areas of the coast and in the Amazon Basin, with average temperatures of 28°C to 30°C (82°F to 86°CF) with lots of rain. The temperature in the Andean valleys is on average between 14°C to 16°C (58°F to 61°F). The climate in the snow-capped mountains is glacial with temperatures of 0°C (32°F) or less.


Ecuador offers to all our visitors a complete structure for their best comfort: two international airports, very good communication system, excellent accommodation facilities starting from deluxe five star hotels to very clean and comfortable hostels and B&Bs, first class private transportation and very good public transportation, highways in good conditions and delicious and ample food, highlighted by a variety of native fruits and vegetables.


Electric current is 110 AC, 60 cycles. Large hotels have 220 v connections.


The monetary unit is the "US Dollar" ATM cards are recommended as travelers checks are difficult to cash.


A departure tax from Ecuador must be paid in cash upon leaving the country.


In hotels and major restaurants, the gratuity is included in the check, but most tip an additional 10% anyway. Porters, bellboys, etc., are generally tipped $ 0.50 USD per bag. Generally no tip is required for taxies.

Coruña E13-69 y Julio Zaldumbide Edificio Key Building piso 5 / Phone ( 593-2)600-9090 ( 593-2)600-9091 / Quito Ecuador