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People who have never visited Ecuador often picture it as a land of steamy jungles astride the Equator, bordered by the Pacific Ocean. They are unaware that a large area is the Andean Sierra, dominated by a range of towering snow-capped volcanoes and highland valleys that form a significant, temperate ecological region.

Five million years ago, at the beginning of the Pliocene period, the mountain range now named the Andes appeared, dividing Ecuador into two low forested plains and a narrower, intermediate band bordered by the "Avenue of the Volcanoes".

The Andes have always attracted mountain climbers from around the world. In Ecuador this mountain chain is divided into two ranges with several and impressive snow-capped peaks, mainly of volcanic origin. Most of these peaks have rest areas (shelters) for climbers to prepare for the final ascent to the summit.

All our high mountain climbing expeditions are led by professional guides who are veterans of the Andes They have climbed many mountains in South America and Europe; their resumes indicate that they have taken special courses for rescue missions and first aid. Consequently, you will be in the best possible hands.

Climb Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Antisana, Cayambe, and others with us....... and discover the excitement of being above the clouds.

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