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There's nothing quite like seeing the world from the back of a horse. We humans have been riding for 4,000 years, but ever since the introduction of the Model T, we seem to have completely lost touch with our equestrian past. Thankfully, trekking across the countryside on horseback is a surefire way to reconnect with those bygone times. Let your trusty steed take you across the steppes of Ecuador, explore the game reserves of our country, or practice your roping skills in our Andes. Wherever you go, you'll have fabulous fresh-air views, completely unencumbered by that steel-and-glass box--you know, the one that gets us there quicker, but without all the fun.

Ecuador provides riding enthusiasts with a surprisingly rich variety of opportunities. You can ride high in the Andes through the grassy paramo plains with glaciated volcanoes as a backdrop; through lowland tropical rain forest; or even through the many unique ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands.
Ecuador's specialty is the combined horseback riding/hacienda program. The country's extensive hacienda system makes it possible to ride through quilted pasture land from one hacienda to another, many of which now operate as country inns and send riders out with scrumptious country picnics.

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